Still On My Journey ... approaching 100 pounds down

I was getting ready to roll out the door the other day to a Crew Parents Meeting - and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.   Who is this person?   What happened to that baby bulge that I usually have to try real hard to cover ?   Wow.  I NEVER ever take full length photos.  Never.   But I did today.   I took a few ... because I wasn't sure if this was me.   It is.

I don't know why I am sooo suprised, I've been hitting the gym hard every single day.  Most weeks I go at least 6 days, some weeks I go 7.  I erg and I lift.  If I don't  lift at the gym, I'll lift here.  Sometimes I'll erg at home too.  Whatever it takes.   I'm also drinking way more water - that's a big key - I feel better when I drink so much water - although I have to pee a lot !!
Also got a brand new smile ... from Serenity Smiles here where I live.   I love it.  It's going to take some getting used to ... but I think it goes well with my ever changing body.   I said that after I lost 100 pounds I was going to get my Jeep lifted (and new tires and rims because it NEEDS new tires) but I spent over $6K on the kids vehicles this past week .... so have to recheck the budget.   Sigh.   I'll get there.   But for now - back to my journey of eating healthier,, and drinking water, and working out ... a lot !!


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