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This is my monitor readout from this mornings workout.  Not my best time, but it's good.  It's also 9,000 meters.   So far in the month of August, I have rowed 119,000 meters.   That's 74 miles.  I actually just went and converted it to see.   I'm dumbfounded really.   I find it fun.  And it's helping me drop some more weight.
Today I weighed in at 297.  Yep, started with a 2.   Been dropping pretty steady past couple of weeks.  The extra erging has helped.  Also logging my food.  I went with Macros Inc to learn how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat.   Funny, you could loose weight on Tasty Kakes.  Wouldn't feel great, but you could.   Not me.  I'm sticking to a very high protein diet.  With Carbs.  And Fat.   It's a lifestyle.  A lifestyle I wish I learned about a long time ago.  A lifestyle I wish I taught my own children.  hopefully it's not too late to change the eating habits of the 3 still at home.
Now to go back to work.  Its Sunday, but …