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Summer Update -

Life is still crazy busy - between trying to settle my mom's estate - I haven't even filed my own taxes yet.   Sigh.     And she didn't file her taxes for the last 2 years, so just something else to add to the pile.

But, I'm staying on track.   And, I'm happy to say that I lost the 10 pounds that I gained, plus a few more.   I've been working hard.  My trainer opened his own studio, and while it's not as convenient as the local gym, I get a MUCH better workout.  I've been hovering right around the 50 pounds lost mark, I hit it once last week - then celebrated …. to the tune of a 5 pound gain.

So  I decided to do something new … track Macros with a coach.   Not that I need a coach to track macros - but I do need the accountability that a nutrition coach will bring.   This morning I weighed in at 304, but I have a feeling it will be back under 300 by the end of the week if I keep working as hard as I did today.   While my son was in the gym this morning, …