Still At It - 34 pounds Down, my BuJo

Still at it, still hitting the gym 5 times a week with my trainer, and have now focused more on water and food intake.   I had a slight stall the last couple weeks of October, as it was my dd #3s birthday and the anniversary of when I met my hubby, so I kinda went overboard in carbs and gained a few pounds.   One of the things that allows me to immediately focus in on what is going wrong when my weight loss stalls is my Bullet Journal.   If you go on Pinterest, you will see a million and one ideas for BuJo - some are very talented artists, some like me use stickers, and some just use a $.25 cent notebook from Staples.  You can go as fancy or as plain as you want.  I got my journal and some pens  from Amazon ..... 

But like I said, you don't have to be fancy, and you don't need to spend a lot of money.  I did indulge in the travelers journal cover (the teal leather you see in the back) From Chic Sparrow - but that was a big indulgence for me   
But it allows me to keep my BuJo, an insert, a couple credit cards - handy when online shopping, and a few loose pieces of paper, or a photo I want to incorporate all in one place, secured by an elastic.  

Anyway, tracking has helped keep me on track, especially with water (you can see how bad I was at getting my water in this week)   As for my trainer - he's keeping it interesting.  Two weeks ago he brought his boxing gloves because he knew I always wanted to try.  It was freakin amazing.  We did it twice before the personal trainer that works for the gym complained, I'm sure his own clients wanted to also hit the pads, but he didn't look like the type that actually wanted to put the work in, so we've had to stop that for now.  One of the solutions my trainer came up with was joining another gym.  I have 2 memberships for my son, he belongs to my gym, plus another gym where there are more free weights, and a sauna.  If this is the path that I also must go to be able to box now and then, I think I might just do that - it was THAT MUCH FUN !!


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