My Journey So Far

That First Post is always the Hardest.  Just admitting I'm not only overweight, I'm morbidly obese.  Morbidly.  What a word.

I stepped on the scale last May.  350 lbs.   Wtf?   How did this happen.  Oh yeah, maybe my tendency to way overeat when it comes to anything carbish.  Birthday cake?  Yes Please !  Cream Cheese icing?  Can I have a second slice ?  350 lbs.

I have 4 kids.  2 are overweight like me.  The other 2 are athletes.  To grow up an athlete in a family over over eaters ... that's tough.  One just went to college.  She got nearly a full ride between her academic and athletic scholarships.  The other athlete is now a Sophomore in High School.  He's loosing weight by putting the work in.  And so am I.

He crews.  His crew coach is also my 3rd daughters Science teacher this year.  He's also my trainer.  During the last month of school he met me 3 times a week at a local gym and encouraged me and pushed me, and laughed with me.  Just because I knew he was coming, I would be there.  At 5 a.m.
Yes, 5 a.m.   One night we were at a fundraiser together, for crew, and I had been on my feet for 8 straight hours working the dunk tank.  No way was I gonna hit the gym at 5 a.m. the next morning.  My feet hurt.  My back was killing me.  I went to go tell him that I wasn't going to make it tomorrow.

His reply?  "Let's walk the Bridge"

The bridge is 2+ miles long, with big hills.  We completed all 4 miles in under an hour.  I was exhilarated.  I wanted to sleep in, but I was so glad he pushed me to move.  That's what a good trainer does for you, he pushes you past your comfort zone.

So I'm now 3 months into my journey.  I have lost 25+ pounds already, and I feel amazing.  I still go to the gym 5 times each week for strength training and cardio with my trainer.  I am soon going to add in swimming.   I have a goal of competing in an Open Water Race in August 2019.  I don't want to win, I just want to finish.   And not look completely scary in a swim suit.  So I'll keep working.


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