This is my monitor readout from this mornings workout.  Not my best time, but it's good.  It's also 9,000 meters.   So far in the month of August, I have rowed 119,000 meters.   That's 74 miles.  I actually just went and converted it to see.   I'm dumbfounded really.   I find it fun.  And it's helping me drop some more weight.
Today I weighed in at 297.  Yep, started with a 2.   Been dropping pretty steady past couple of weeks.  The extra erging has helped.  Also logging my food.  I went with Macros Inc to learn how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat.   Funny, you could loose weight on Tasty Kakes.  Wouldn't feel great, but you could.   Not me.  I'm sticking to a very high protein diet.  With Carbs.  And Fat.   It's a lifestyle.  A lifestyle I wish I learned about a long time ago.  A lifestyle I wish I taught my own children.  hopefully it's not too late to change the eating habits of the 3 still at home.
Now to go back to work.  Its Sunday, but …

Summer Update -

Life is still crazy busy - between trying to settle my mom's estate - I haven't even filed my own taxes yet.   Sigh.     And she didn't file her taxes for the last 2 years, so just something else to add to the pile.

But, I'm staying on track.   And, I'm happy to say that I lost the 10 pounds that I gained, plus a few more.   I've been working hard.  My trainer opened his own studio, and while it's not as convenient as the local gym, I get a MUCH better workout.  I've been hovering right around the 50 pounds lost mark, I hit it once last week - then celebrated …. to the tune of a 5 pound gain.

So  I decided to do something new … track Macros with a coach.   Not that I need a coach to track macros - but I do need the accountability that a nutrition coach will bring.   This morning I weighed in at 304, but I have a feeling it will be back under 300 by the end of the week if I keep working as hard as I did today.   While my son was in the gym this morning, …
A Time to Say Good-Bye

2019 was not off to a good start for me.  I found out late last year that my mom had stage 4 kidney cancer.   She's known for awhile, but didn't want us to worry, so just didn't tell us.  While I understand her reasoning, I still feel cheated out of extra time that I would have spent with her.  I'm lucky that I went as often as I had anyway, my brother has more regrets, he didn't see her much at all.  She died in February, right after her birthday.  I had flown back and forth to visit her all month.  I had my kids fly down to say goodbye.  Only one didn't make it in time.   It amazed me how fast she went.   She was in pain, so although it was very sad, I am happy knowing she is no longer in pain.  And that both of her arms work once again.   And that she can play as much Bingo as she would like.  And that she's been reunited with the love of her life - George.   George was not my father, but he was the one she truly loved all of her …

Still At It - 34 pounds Down, my BuJo

Still at it, still hitting the gym 5 times a week with my trainer, and have now focused more on water and food intake.   I had a slight stall the last couple weeks of October, as it was my dd #3s birthday and the anniversary of when I met my hubby, so I kinda went overboard in carbs and gained a few pounds.   One of the things that allows me to immediately focus in on what is going wrong when my weight loss stalls is my Bullet Journal.   If you go on Pinterest, you will see a million and one ideas for BuJo - some are very talented artists, some like me use stickers, and some just use a $.25 cent notebook from Staples.  You can go as fancy or as plain as you want.  I got my journal and some pens  from Amazon ..... 
But like I said, you don't have to be fancy, and you don't need to spend a lot of money.  I did indulge in the travelers journal cover (the teal leather you see in the back) From Chic Sparrow - but that was a big indulgence for me…

My Journey So Far

That First Post is always the Hardest.  Just admitting I'm not only overweight, I'm morbidly obese.  Morbidly.  What a word.

I stepped on the scale last May.  350 lbs.   Wtf?   How did this happen.  Oh yeah, maybe my tendency to way overeat when it comes to anything carbish.  Birthday cake?  Yes Please !  Cream Cheese icing?  Can I have a second slice ?  350 lbs.

I have 4 kids.  2 are overweight like me.  The other 2 are athletes.  To grow up an athlete in a family over over eaters ... that's tough.  One just went to college.  She got nearly a full ride between her academic and athletic scholarships.  The other athlete is now a Sophomore in High School.  He's loosing weight by putting the work in.  And so am I.

He crews.  His crew coach is also my 3rd daughters Science teacher this year.  He's also my trainer.  During the last month of school he met me 3 times a week at a local gym and encouraged me and pushed me, and laughed with me.  Just because I knew he was co…